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Cloud Computing and Security

Is Enterprise System on Cloud Secure ?

What is Cloud Computing? In Cloud Computing, the word cloud

How union budget could help in going #Cashless

First step to empower “Cashless India” was taken on 08-Nov-2016,
MannDeshis Emblem used as decoration in the arrangement in front of their newly inaugurated building.

FinTech Solutions the Mann Deshi way

Some people amazes you, especially when you least expect it.
Open Source Tools For Automation Testing

Open Source Tools for Automation Testing @Teknospire

Worldwide Software Testing Practices Report for 2015–2016 has predicted that
"UPI Architecture

Fintech Products Launched In The Indian Market After Demonetization

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Feb 22
Diagrammatic Representation Of UPI System POST NOV 8th The Nov

FinTech Aggregators

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Feb 17
Typical Eco-System General high level eco system of FinTech is