"UPI Architecture

Fintech Products Launched In The Indian Market After Demonetization

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Feb 22
Diagrammatic Representation Of UPI System POST NOV 8th The Nov

FinTech Aggregators

Pranesh P   
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Feb 17
Typical Eco-System General high level eco system of FinTech is
FinX enabled Digital Value Chain

Enabling Basic Banking Services to Beneficiaries of International Grants

FinX enabled Digital Value Chain The above diagram represents the

Banks—No Banks—Hiya Banks r back.

Love Hate relationship with banks and customers is continuing. Let
Use finger touch smart phone for order product online in studio

Cashless Transactions And Non Tech Savvy Segments Of Our Society

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Jan 16
In one of our earlier blogs ”How #Demonetization is pushing

Are Banks Heading Towards Extinction?

Will the new technology and innovation make Banks an extinct

How to make content for Tech companies?

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Dec 15
Techies…. or nerds…. they need to be left at their