Lakshmi Thampi

Teknospire: Connecting FinTech Technologies for Better Living

The growing demand for cloud computing and need for uninterrupted banking and payments services have forced the financial institutions to look at innovative solutions. Consequently, data-driven approach has become the key to business growth. More and more businesses are engaging in data mining and hence, it is important for technology …

Industry Updated

Skewed Startup parity and Much More — Startup Master Class

Was at a startup event in silicon capital of India, Bangalore conducted by @iitkaa_SMC Thanks to Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator for facilitating our participation. A Saturday well spent is what I can say! It was a great ensemble of speakers/startups/pitchers. It was divided into sections presentations by young achievers who …

MannDeshis Emblem used as decoration in the arrangement in front of their newly inaugurated building.
Women and FinTech

FinTech Solutions the Mann Deshi way

Some people amazes you, especially when you least expect it. Introduction to a new concept of social impact and the person behind it Chetna Vijay Sinha came to us as a web update. Found that there could be synergies for teknospire and @MannDeshi in Lean Banking solutions. Not the usual …

FinTech Content

How to make content for Tech companies?

Techies…. or nerds…. they need to be left at their bearings. You ask them to code for 24 hours a day…. the glee u see on their face is irreplaceable, but u ask them to manage people…. brrr… they would show their attitude… the same goes with an expression of …

Customer Testimonial

Testimonial from Ndasenda™ partner

NDASENDA™ is a payments platform which has aggregated Zesa, Internet,Broadband,Wifi, Airtime and Insurance services. Vimbayi is one of star partners. His experience with us and his tactics to get the maximum out of the platform would help other partners. This interview would be one of the first in our series …