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Teknospire’s Popular Blogs In 2018

We had an amazing 2018, our blogs have been well received by our readers. Here’s the tour of our most loved ones

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Digital Banking
Digital Banking
What is Digital Banking and How Digital Banking Works?
Digital Banking is availing of banking services via a web interface or a smartphone, the working is simple where customer signups and with valid credentials he can access a bouquet of banking services.
KPIs to measure ROI
Digital Banking
KPIs to measure ROI of a digital bank
Whats the ROI of a digital Bank? Are digital banks able to generate a positive return on investment (ROI) while keeping the customers engaged?
Digital Banking in US
Digital Banking
Digital Banking – Initiatives, Use Cases, Examples, Opportunities in the US
With 'Omnichannel' transformation in place, banks are reshaping themselves to offer digital banking solutions on a single platform for better UX in US.