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Our Product – FinX Mobile Money Suite

Product Overview

FinX Mobile Money Suite represents the pinnacle of mobile payments with the right mix of innovation, technology, and business acumen, thus providing a flexible, secure and efficient platform to run a highly scalable mobile wallet platform.

Financial solutions for every mobile device at last mile

  • Open Platform – Design services for multiple consumer segments and ecosystem parties.
  • User Experience – Deploy better user interfaces and customer offerings that can lead to more active wallets.
  • Easy Integrations – Seamlessly merge with both existing and emerging technology.
  • Complete Security – Best-in-class security capabilities, which drive consumer trust.
  • Compliances – Flexible software that enables you to adhere to all relevant rules and regulations.

Looking to bundle telecom and financial services into unique and flexible offerings? We’ll connect you to a global financial network that makes it easy. From international fund transfers to local retail purchases, your customers can spend, send and receive money right from their mobile devices.

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